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Zinc Diecast Specialties

Zinc die casting can be applied to a variety of different parts across a wide range of industry applications. Because zinc alloy die castings display notable degrees of toughness and impact strength, this type of compound can be a great alternative to other options.

205-JP Acid Salts For Zinc Diecast

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Accu-Labs 205-JP Acid Salts is a dry, free-flowing compound formulated specifically for use in acid pickling of zinc die castings and zinc slush castings. The use of this product is effective in removing smut and oxidation from zinc surfaces, leaving a clear finish that accepts subsequent plated deposits with the best possible adhesion

388 Alkaline Electroless Nickel Process

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The Accu-Labs 388 electroless nickel system is specifically formulated to deposit a thin, uniform nickel/phosphorus coating onto zincated aluminum substrates and zinc die cast prior to plating in a conventional acid electroless nickel bath. The use of Accu-Labs 388 on aluminum allows the EN plater to utilize the full life of an acid electroless nickel bath without the worry of blistering or poor adhesion as the bath ages.

The Accu-Labs 388 system has a high tolerance for zinc metal and deposits, such as thin coatings, that it has a very long operating life. At elevated temperatures, the Accu-Labs 388 system can be used to plate directly onto zinc die cast.

516 Trivalent Yellow Chromate for Zinc Diecast

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Accu-Labs 516 is an effective trivalent yellow passivate for zinc diecast. This compound is a unique formulation that produces a uniform, heavy, adherent yellow passivate film on zinc diecastings.


  • Easy to use in rack, basket and barrel processes
  • Excellent wet film strength, dries to a tenacious protective film
  • High corrosion resistance; meets military and automotive specifications
  • Superior base for paints, lacquers, and adhesives
  • Wide operating range and long solution life
  • Corrosion protection up to 72-144 hours to white rust (ASTM B-117)
  • Additional corrosion protection can be added by using KSN Sealer

522-JP Chemical Polish And Bright Yellow Chromate For Zinc Diecast

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Accu-Labs 522-JP is a concentrated, liquid chromate product formulated to produce a bright iridescent yellow chromate on zinc die castings. This product is also a fast-acting chemical polish and chromate for zinc die casting, all in one single dip immersion treatment. Accu-Labs 522-JP produces a lustrous, corrosion-resistant finish and is an excellent base for paints, sealers, or color dyes.

524 Economical, Dry Iridescent Chromate

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Accu-Labs 524 Iridescent Chromate is an economical, dry, free-flowing powder that is added to water (without any other acid additions) to produce iridescent to bronze films on zinc and cadmium plate, zinc base die castings, hot-dipped galvanizing, copper brass, and silver.

Accu-Labs 524 meets the requirement of Government Specification ASTM B 633(QQ-Z-325) for zinc and QQP-416A Type II for cadmium plate.


  • Free-flowing, single component powder
  • Versatile operating parameters
  • Produces most adherent chromate film on chloride zinc deposits
  • Produces an exceptional hard wet film
  • Excellent corrosion resistant film
  • Excellent base for organic coatings

Diecon 8 Zinc Diecast Conditioner

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Accu-Labs Diecon 8 Conditioner is an alkaline material designed for use on zinc die castings after cleaning and treatment with Accu-Labs Dieglow 10. Diecon 8 conditioner, when properly employed, will desmut zinc die castings of high copper content and neutralize the acidity on the surface prior to the subsequent plating cycle.

Dieglow 10 Acid Bright Dip For Zinc Die Castings

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Accu-Labs Dieglow 10 is a ready-to-use, acid bright dip for zinc base die castings. Dieglow 10 is used to improve and reduce the cost of pretreatment for electroplating, chromating, phosphating, and blackening. This process levels, polishes, and activates the surface of the die casting; it also removes burrs and superficial flaws, thereby producing a smooth, bright lustrous finish that in many instances rivals the appearance of a buffed casting.

One of the major benefits of this chemical polish is that it treats the entire surface of the zinc die casting uniformly.

Dieglow 10 consists of a liquid acidic, chromate-free, chemical deburring and polishing agent that efficiently produces a smooth and bright finish. The extremely efficient cleansing, polishing, deoxidizing, and conditioning action of Dieglow 10 provides an exceptionally clean, active, and receptive surface for plating or other processing. In many instances, chromating, phosphating, and blackening will be more uniform and durable.


  • As a complete prior-to-plate process
  • As a deburring and leveling process prior to conversion coating
  • As a process for desmutting and refinishing stripped electroplated zinc die casting
  • As a chemical bright dip