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Zinc Dyes

Accu-Labs’ water-soluble, organic dye powders and liquids are used to produce a wide variety of color finishes on zinc and zinc alloy chromated/passivated parts. These dye coatings can be used to produce a variety of colors and tints for decorative and for identification applications. 

Zinc Dye Options:

  • Accu-Labs 622Y
  • Accu-Labs Blue Cop No.5 
  • Accu-Labs Ground Screw Green
  • Accu-Labs Green No.4
  • Accu-Labs Red No. 2
  • Accu-Labs Violet No.7

UT-4 Zinc Dye Mixture

Accu-Labs UT-4 is an easy-to-use, concentrated, liquid fluorescent dye mixture. Accu-Labs UT-4 is added to waterborne and reducible coating and sealing solutions used for a variety of metal plating and metal finishing applications.