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Zinc and Zinc Alloys

Accu-Labs, Inc. has been an industry leader in the research and development of engineered, corrosion-resistant zinc and zinc alloy coatings along with their subsequent chemical conversion coatings that can satisfy the requirements of any application.

Green Solutions for Zinc and Zinc Alloy Products

Our diverse array of products consistently meet our customers’ expectations in an ever-changing global market. We have pioneered the development of innovative, environmentally “green” brightener additive systems, passivate conversion coating chemistries, and top coat sealants that comply with global OEM requirements. These advancements include the removal of ecologically harmful materials, such as cyanides, hexavalent chromium compounds, and other heavy metals providing a new, technologically advanced series of products.

Zinc and Zinc Alloy Brighteners

Producing highly effective and highly concentrated products, Accu-Labs is your go-to manufacturer for Zinc and Zinc Alloy Brighteners. Now including ammonia-free options, our selection will take care of all of your mirror bright finish needs.

Zinc Chromates and Conversion Coatings

Our chromates and conversion coatings produce lustrous, corrosion-resistant finishes that provide excellent bases for paints, sealers or color dyes. Our products are available in the following colors: clear blue, yellow, black, and olive drab.

Zinc Seals

We provide our customers with Silicate and non-silicate options for zinc seals. Our environmentally responsible products are excellent for a number of applications.

Zinc Dyes

Accu-Labs water-soluble, organic dye powders and liquids are used to produce a wide variety of color finishes. These dye coatings can be used to produce a variety of colors and tints for decorative and for identification applications.

Zinc Diecast Specialties

Zinc die casting can be applied to a variety of different parts across a wide range of industry applications. Because zinc alloy die castings display notable degrees of toughness and impact strength, this type of compound can be a great alternative to other options.