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Tarnish and Rust Prevention Specialties

Accu-Labs provides tarnish prevention specialty products to meet customer needs. Not only are our processes typically very economical to use, Accu-Labs has engineered our chemicals so that oftentimes only a minimum amount of tarnish prevention product is necessary for large metal surface areas. Additionally, we provide an assortment of chromate-free options, for projects that require easy disposal. Explore our impressive range of tarnish prevention specialties below:

512 Water Displacer

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Accu-Labs Water Displacer 512 is a liquid inhibitor that produces an invisible corrosion-resistant coating. The primary function of Water Displacer 512 is to prevent pitting, staining, salt-formation, tarnishing and finger-print marks on copper, silver, and brass plated parts.

836-1/837-2 Tarnish Guard

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Accu-Labs 836-1 and Accu-Labs 837-2 Tarnish Guard is a process developed to prevent tarnish from forming on gold, silver, brass, and imitation rhodium, and will protect it from discoloration due to oxidation. Tarnish Guard is a hard, durable finish applied with an electroplating process, and is ideally suited for applications in the jewelry, electronics, and hollow ware industries where tarnish is a problem. In many cases Tarnish Guard can be used instead of lacquer.

862-1 Tarnish Prevention

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Accu-Labs 862-1 is a neutral liquid added to rinse water to prevent tarnishing, staining, green salt formation, pit corrosion, finger-marking and spotting-out of silver, copper, and brass. It is ideal for use in the final rinse tank following silver, copper, or brass plating because it will preserve the freshly plated appearance for weeks, even under high humidity storage conditions.

The coating produced by Accu-Labs 862-1 is completely invisible and has many times the corrosion resistance of bare copper and brass. It can withstand 200 hours exposure to tropical humidity conditions without discoloration, whereas bare silver, copper, or brass will start to corrode after 1 hour. The primary function of 862-1 coating is to prevent tarnishing, corrosion, and spotting-out of silver, copper, and brass during storage.

Accu-Labs  SilverSeal  882

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Accu-Labs SilverSeal 882 is an organic thiol, post-treatment process which effectively protects silver surfaces from oxidation/tarnishing. SilverSeal 882 was specifically designed to pass the most stringent sulfide corrosion tests. It may be used as an immersion-only process or applied anodically for increased protection.

When used as directed, SilverSeal 882 forms a thin, colorless, transparent film on the silver surface which provides resistance to corrosion. The protective film has no detrimental effect on the electrical properties of the treated silver. Furthermore, SilverSeal 882 has no adverse effects on solderability.

Accu-Labs 675 Rust Preventative

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Accu-Labs 675 is a water-soluble, rust preventative for use in spray or dip applications to prevent rusting of clean steel parts. Accu-Labs 675 produces a thin, non-oily, protective film that can be easily rinsed off with cleaners.

The concentration of Accu-Labs 675 required will vary according to the type of steel and the degree of cleaning and rinsing. Thorough cleaning and rinsing prior to the Accu-Labs 675 treatment is recommended for best results.

Accu-Labs 363AA Rust Preventative

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Accu-Labs 363AA is a blend of mild alkaline salts, and water-soluble rust inhibitors. Accu-Labs 363AA was developed for a dual purpose, as a neutralizer of acids, and for rust inhibiting steel. This product is suitable for indoor storage only. Accu-Labs 363AA has been used extensively in the industry as an inexpensive temporary rust preventative between operations.

Accu-Labs #477 Rust Preventative

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Accu-Labs #477 is a solvent-based rust preventative that leaves a non-drying film that can be used for indoor storage of steel and iron. Accu-Labs #477 can be applied by dip or by brush. In many cases, where the sheets of steel are massive, Accu-Labs #477 can be fogged or sprayed on. The film is readily removed in a vapor degreaser or in an alkaline soak or electro-cleaner.

Accu-Labs 452NF Rust Preventative

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Accu-Labs 452NF was developed to aid in the drying of plated parts to produce a spot-free surface. Accu-Labs 452NF can also be used in oiling, rust prevention for phosphated and black-ox coatings, bulk work, and also in between tumbling and cleaning operations.

Accu-Labs #502 Clear Wax

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Accu-Labs #502 Clear Wax is designed to produce a hard gloss, corrosion-resistant, protective finish against dirt, stains and water marks on tin, aluminum, nickel, steel, and blackened parts. The coating will not rub off and has high adhesion when applied to a clean surface.

Accu-Labs 489-O Ghost Lube

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Accu-Labs 489-O Ghost Lube is a special purpose lubricant, with excellent evaporating qualities, specifically developed for the metal stamping and metal working industry. Accu-Labs 489-O Ghost Lube is a low-viscosity, organic lubricant FREE of chlorinated waxes and sulphonated or sulphurized oil. The special properties of Accu-Labs 489-O Ghost Lube leave working surfaces Residue-Free and ready for subsequent processing.

Accu-Labs 898-NCS Non-Chromate Seal

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Accu-Labs 898-NCS Non-Chromate Seal has been developed to act as a seal on freshly phosphated metal to improve the corrosion resistance. This product imparts a microscopic film that prevents rusting after phosphating without affecting the metal surface or the adhesion or quality of the subsequent organic coating.

Accu-Labs 898-NCS does not contain chrome or any heavy metal salts and can be used on mixed metal such as steel, aluminum, galvanized steel. and zinc.

Accu-Labs Accu-Shed 2

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Accu-Shed 2 is an aqueous, liquid blend of chemical additives designed to rapidly dry parts by water displacement. Parts should be immersed in a mildly acidic rinse prior to the use of Accu-Shed 2. This is done to remove any alkaline film remaining on the parts.


  • Simple to use
  • Non-hazardous, RoHS compliant; contains no heavy metals, organic solvents or flammable liquids
  • Works well in soft and hard water areas
  • Can be used on most metals, leaving a clear dry surface

Accu-Labs P.D. Tarnish Remover

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Accu-Labs P.D. Tarnish Remover is a ready-to-use, acidic liquid formulated to remove tarnish, staining and spotting-out of copper, brass, and silver metals.