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Accu-Labs 290

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Water displacement liquid used to help prevent staining and fingerprinting.

Accu-Labs OxyBAN

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Accu-Labs OxyBAN is a component that, when added to the final rinse after electroless or electrolytic nickel plating, preserves solderability for several months in normal storage conditions.

Accu-Labs 399 EN Brightener

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Accu-Labs 399 EN Brightener is a liquid concentrate that, when added to electroless nickel solutions, will increase the brightness of the EN deposit.

Accu-Labs 366 EN Stress Reducer

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Accu-Labs 366 is a liquid concentrate that when added to electroless nickel solutions will transform the stress of an EN deposit from tensile to compressive. Accu-Labs 366 is especially effective for aged, high-phosphorus processes that have undergone the typical shift from compressive to tensile stress, at or near 5 metal turnovers (150 g/l orthophosphate). The use of Accu-Labs 366 will allow the electroless nickel plater to extend the useful life of an EN solution and eliminate the need to discard solutions prematurely due to stress cracking of thicker deposits (in excess of .001 in).

Accu-Labs EN Anti-pit / Wetter

Accu-Labs EN Anti-pit/wetter is an electroless nickel surfactant package designed to lower surface tension of electroless nickel solutions.