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Specialty Coatings

Accu-Labs 377 Electroless Nickel – Boron

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Accu-Labs 377 is a semi-bright, electroless, nickel-boron alloy process designed to produce uniform nickel alloy deposits containing a maximum of 0.5% boron. Accu-Labs 377 deposits have low internal stress and are characterized by resistance to high temperatures, good welding and brazing characteristics, solderability, and high hardness, which improves their resistance to wear. The 377 bath operates at low temperatures and is easy to maintain. The bath is tolerant to metallic impurities, a feature that serves to extend the life of the bath.

Accu-Labs 388 Alkaline EN Strike

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The Accu-Labs 388 electroless nickel system is specifically formulated to deposit a thin, uniform nickel/phosphorus coating onto properly prepared plastics for EMI/RFI shielding, as well as zincated aluminum substrates and zinc die cast prior to plating in an acid electroless nickel bath for brighter, thicker, decorative and functional applications.

Accu-Labs 394 Low Temp EN

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The 394 System is specifically formulated to produce a lead-free and cadmium-free, bright, nickel-phosphorus deposits at a consistent rate of deposition at a temperature that is suited for plating on plastics and EMI/RFI shielding applications. The 394 System meets Mil-26074B, AMS 2404B and AMS 2405 specifications.

Accu-Labs ONYX 54 Black Electroless Nickel

Accu-Labs Onyx 54 black electroless nickel process that imparts a beautiful black deposit.

Accu-Labs 361 EN Coloring Process

Accu-Labs 361 is an electrolytic process that imparts a wide range of colors, including gold, green, pink, and blue, on electroless or electrolytic nickel plating. Accu-Labs 361 can be used to color parts for identification, to enhance physical appearance, or for slightly increased corrosion protection.