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Derusters and Descalers

361-P Descaler

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Permanganate Descaler is a dry, free-flowing, unique blend of highly alkaline salts and surface oxidizing agents that is specially formulated for scale conditioning of hardened steels and stainless steels prior to acid pickling.

380 Deruster

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Accu-Labs 380 is a Heavy Duty Alkaline Deruster specifically developed to remove rust and heat treating scale from ferrous metals by immersion. Accu-Labs 380 can also be used cold with periodic-reverse current to remove rust and scale from steel and stainless steel. Accu-Labs 380 can also be used to remove phosphate coatings from steel, and also can remove white scale from phosphating tanks. Accu-Labs 380 is a cyanide-free, scientifically balanced blend of highly alkaline detergents, surfactants, dispersants, and organic chelates.

867-AG Compound

Accu-Labs 867-AG is a liquid burnishing compound developed for the burnishing of copper, brass, steel, zinc, and aluminum to a smooth lustrous finish. 867-AG is a slightly alkaline, orange colored, medium viscosity liquid that is soluble in water.

969G Compound

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Accu-Labs 969G Chemical Deoxidizing Compound for Zinc was developed for the chemical deburring of zinc. Accu-Labs 969G will eliminate many deburring operations, such as thermal and/or cryogenic deburring. Accu-Labs 969G is simple to use since it is used in a water solution and can be used in a soak or in a tumbling operation. Accu-Labs 969G will also remove discoloration from thermally deburred zinc and leave a smooth satin finish. Accu-Labs 969G is free rinsing and can be used prior to burnishing and other chemical processing operations.

SR-9 Descaler

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Accu-Labs SR-9 is phosphoric, acid-based liquid concentrate for descaling, cleaning, and conditioning of steels, stainless steels, copper, copper alloys, and zinc castings. Accu-Labs SR-9 is a special blend of acids, surfactants, and inhibitors to remove smut, scale, and drawing compounds and solder flux without attack of the base metal.