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Chromium Plating

Chrome plating is a process of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object. The chrome-plated layer can be decorative in nature, provide corrosion resistance, and increase the surface hardness.

484 Decorative Chromium Plating Catalyst

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The Accu-Labs’ 484 Process provides bright, stain-free chromium deposits with exceptionally good covering power over a wide range of operating conditions. Its unique proprietary catalyst system functions as a powerful activating agent on bright nickel surfaces to provide better covering power and chromium receptivity.

485 Decorative Chromium Plating

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485 Chrome Special is a decorative, bright chromium plating process. This specific form of chromium plating comes ready-to-use, with the catalyst and buffer built right into the product. Compatible with all common chromium processes, Accu-Labs 485 Chrome Special provides dependable, economical results with maximum operator ease.

Features and benefits include simplified make-up and maintenance, easy preparation and control, as well as excellent range of coverage. Additionally, Accu-Labs’ 485 Chrome Special provides maximum production rate while simultaneously offering a wide operating range, making this process simpler for personnel to use.

8800 Decorative Trivalent Chromium Plating

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The Accu-Labs 8800 Trivalent Chromium Plating Process was developed to meet the needs of an environmentally safer process than existing chromic acid-based processes. In addition to the elimination of toxic hexavalent chromium in both the plating shop as well as the plating effluent, the Accu-Labs’ 8800 system tolerates current interruption without the production of dull deposits, has more uniform metal distribution, improved covering power, and the reduction of high-current density burning.

HENE 600 Hard Chromium Plating

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HENE – 600L is a new generation, high-efficiency, non-etching hard chromium electroplating process that is far superior to both a conventional and mixed catalyst bath. The make-up and maintenance chemicals are well-balanced and are in liquid form for easy maintenance.

Lo-Mist 10 for Chromium Plating

Lo-Mist DC is a chromium-plating mist suppressant for decorative solutions. This form of mist suppressant reduces the surface tension of chromic acid solutions. Lo-Mist 10 formulation meets a variety of misting, safety, and regulatory requirements and conditions.

Accu-Labs LDX-2

Accu-Labs LDX-2 is an easy-to-use, strong alkaline liquid concentrate for immersion cleaning of lead and lead alloy anodes. Accu-Labs LDX-2 solutions are very stable and offer long life for repeated maintenance cleaning of lead anodes used in chrome plating.  Under normal conditions, little, if any, attack will occur on the lead anodes, even when left in the solution for extended cleaning times.