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The zincate aluminum pre-plating technique is perhaps the best known technique for preparing aluminum for the plating process by applying a zinc-rich film chemical conversion coating that is both durable and provides excellent adhesion.

Tricate Zincate

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Accu-Labs Tricate is a multi-metal cyanide based zincate that produces a thin, dense film on the metals it is applied to. This particular zincate solution has superior adhesion abilities compared to the conventional zincate processes.

Accu-Labs ZA-3 Zincate

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Accu-Labs ZA-3 Zincate is a multi-metal, non-cyanide based chemistry that was specifically formulated to produce high-quality immersion zinc deposits on a wide variety of aluminum alloys, including castings, which sets it apart from other zincate processes.

Accu-Labs 158 Zincate

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Accu-Labs 158 Zincate is a powdered, cyanide-based zincate process that will produce a high-quality immersion zinc deposit on a wide variety of aluminum alloys. Our finishing engineers develop robust zincate processes, such as this one, to provide products that are easy to use. Accu-Labs also maintains a competitive cost structure for our compounds.

Accu-Labs 159 Zincate

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Accu-Labs 159 zincate is a non-cyanide, liquid zincate process that deposits a fine-grained immersion zinc film on a variety of aluminum alloys that promotes adhesion of subsequent plate. As a zincate process that does not involve cyanide, this compound in particular, is suited to meet the increasingly strict pollution prevention requirements that are relevant across several industries. At Accu-Labs, we prioritize environmental compliance and our environmental support staff will provide the necessary documentation required by the local sanitary district, EPA, and other regulatory agencies for our zincate products, as well as any other compounds we supply.