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Aluminum processing lines require an etching stage to remove imperfections, providing a finer surface for later anodizing or chromating operations. Our aluminum etching products are formulated to serve this purpose, and they additionally prepare for subsequent chemical processes.

161 Super Etch for Aluminum Alloys

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161 Super Etch is formulated to provide an even, fine-grained surface on aluminum alloys that is ideal for subsequent chemical processes. Additionally, the 161 Super Etch minimizes the build-up of aluminate sludge and scale.

Accu-Labs 366-G Aluminum Etching Compound

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Accu-Labs 366-G is a notable development in the field of alkaline etching compounds. It was specifically developed to impart a fine, smooth, non-grainy etch on aluminum surfaces. Due to its high degree of chelation, Accu-Labs 366-G can retain an excess of aluminum in solution and can be used for longer periods before it is necessary to dump the tank.

Accu-Labs 675 Aluminum Etching Liquid

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Accu-Labs 675 is a matrix etch liquid additive package designed to allow the end user to add their own caustic soda liquid providing ease of use and economical savings.

Accu-Labs 182 Concentrated Aluminum Etch Liquid

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Accu-Labs 182 is a concentrated liquid aluminum etch with excellent chelation properties and provides easy handling for operator additions and chemical metering set-up installations.

Accu-Labs 163 Aluminum Etching Powder

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Accu-Labs 163 is an alkaline powder mixture that is added to water to make a mild etching solution for aluminum. Accu-Labs 163 produces a fine etch that results in a satin bright finish on many aluminum alloys.

Accu-Labs 163 is particularly suitable for applications where only light etching, or mild selective etching is required. Accu-Labs 163 is recommended for the removal of chromate films for the purpose of reworking finished parts. Accu-Labs 163 is not recommended for the removal of heavy aluminum die cast residues or stock removal.