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Additional Aluminum Specialties

There is practically no end to Accu-Labs’ aluminum products. In addition to highly specialized products, such as aluminum etching treatments or aluminum cleaners, we also offer broader ranges of products, including additional aluminum specialties that may not fall precisely into one simple category. Explore these products below and discover how our company can assist you.

388 Aluminum Alkaline Product

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The Accu-Labs 388 alkaline electroless nickel system is specifically formulated to deposit a thin, uniform nickel/phosphorus coating onto zincated aluminum substrates.

Mist Control 5

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Mist Control 5 is a surface tension modifier and mist control additive for sulfuric anodizing of aluminum materials.

Envirostrip BZ

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Accu-Labs Envirostrip BZ is a new generation, non-methylene chloride, water-based stripper used to remove polymeric coatings, including powder coating and epoxy resins from ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

983-DF Iron Phosphate Aluminum Specialty

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Liquid Iron Phosphate imparts a blue iron phosphate coating that was specifically developed for use on aluminum prior to painting.

Alcor Dyes

Accu-Labs offers a full line of dyes for use in anodizing in addition to our countless other aluminum specialty products.