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Aluminum and Anodizing

Accu-Labs, Inc. has engineered a complete product offering for the pre-treatment and finishing of aluminum that can satisfy the requirements of any application. Our diverse array of products consistently meets our customers’ expectations in an ever-changing global market. We have pioneered the way in research and development of environmentally “green” chemistries. These advancements include the removal of ecologically harmful materials, such as cyanides, chromium compounds, and other heavy metals providing a new technologically advanced series of products for the processor of aluminum.

Specialty Aluminum Cleaners

Accu-Labs produces products that are ideal for the cleaning and preparation of aluminum parts. Our products have the ability to clean and condition by removing machine oils, grease, dirt, and other chemical stains from the metal’s surface in just one step. We prioritize meeting customer standards and offer specialty aluminum cleaners that conform to a variety of Military and customer OEM Specifications.

Aluminum Etching Specialties

Aluminum processing lines require an etching stage to remove imperfections, providing a finer surface for later anodizing or chromating operations. Our aluminum etching products are formulated to serve this purpose, and they additionally prepare for subsequent chemical processes. Accu-Lab etching compounds minimize the build-up of aluminate sludge and scale. This reduces both particulate contamination of the aluminum surface and scale build-up on the tank and heat exchangers.

Specialty Aluminum Desmuts & Deoxidizers

Accu-Labs is proud to offer a wide range of specialty aluminum desmuts and deoxidizers. Whether you require a non-chromium based compound or a powdered acid product, we can help you produce a clean, de-oxidized aluminum surface that is ready for processing. Let our experience be your advantage and partner with Accu-Labs today!

Specialty Aluminum Anodizing Seals

Accu-Labs has produced an assortment of anodizing seals for a variety of finishing applications that meet military specification Mil-A-8625 for the sealing of anodized aluminum. Anodized coatings sealed with Accu-Labs ALCOR processes pass all standard performance tests, such as ASTM B 136. We offer several aluminum anodizing seals that provide better corrosion, abrasion, and wear resistance properties than the conventional acetate sealers. For applications that must endure countless hours exposed to salt spray, our compounds are crucial products to invest in.

Chromates and Passivates Specialized for Aluminum

Choose Accu-Labs for approved chemical conversion coating processes that are listed on the military QPL listing that satisfies  current military specification MIL-5541 and ASTM D-1730. Our product offering also includes RoHS compliant trivalent chromium-based alternatives for corrosion protection that provide excellent options for creating effective bases for adherent paint coatings.


Accu-Labs provides multi-metal, cyanide-based zincate products, as well as alternative non-cyanide based compounds. If you require a thin, dense film that has superior adhesion in comparison to conventional zincate processes, you have come to the right place.

Burnishing & Vibratory

Accu-Labs has specifically developed products to be used in conventional burnishing and vibratory systems to produce high-luster finishes on aluminum that are both cost effective and waste treatment friendly.

Additional Aluminum Anodizing Specialties

In addition to aluminum pretreatment chemistries, we offer a complete line of anodizing dyes that can be color blended to color match any application. The anodizing and aluminum specialties options are practically limitless when you choose Accu-Labs as your compound supplier!