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At Accu-Labs, Inc. we offer a variety of products; from Anodizing chemicals to Zinc Plating Processes.

Acid Salts and Activators

Discover our wide range of acid salts and activators and chemical polishes for aluminum, copper alloys, ferrous alloys, and zinc die-casting.

Aluminum Specialties and Anodizing

Modern metal finishing demands products that are versatile, easy to use and control, and cost effective. Accu-Labs, Inc. offers a complete line of aluminum anodizing chemicals.

Burnishing Specialties

Accu-Labs, Inc. offers both dry and liquid burnishing solutions. Let us help you decide which specialty works best for you!

Chromates and Conversion Coatings

Our wide range of chromates and conversion coatings have been designed to provide high corrosion protection and long solution life.

Blackening Specialties

Accu-Labs offers a variety of blackening specialties for aluminum, copper, ferrous, nickel, and zinc alloys.

Cadmium Plating

Accu-Labs offers various electrolytes for cadmium plating including acid sulfate, full cyanide, and a micro-cyanide bath.

Chromium Plating

Accu-Labs provides both decorative and functional hard chromium plating options. Our processes include both trivalent and hexavalent options.

Copper Plating

Accu-Labs provides various electrolytic copper plating processes and electroless copper processes. Our processes include acid, cyanide, and non-cyanide options.

Electroless Nickel

Accu-Labs provides a complete product offering for electroless nickel that includes low-, medium-, and high-phosphorus deposit applications with many of our processes being RoHS compliant.

Nickel Plating

Whether you are looking for bright, semi-bright, or sulfamate nickel, we have an extensive offering.

Plating On Plastics

Accu-Labs, Inc. offers plating on plastics solutions for every need.

Tarnish Prevention Specialties

Learn more about our solutions for preventing tarnish, fingerprints, and more on copper, silver, and brass-plated parts.

Waste Treatment Specialties

We offer waste treatment specialties for even the most difficult to treat waste streams.

Zinc Diecast Specialties

At Accu-Labs, Inc. we offer a variety of zinc die-casting specialties; from acid salts for zinc diecast, to economical, dry iridescent chromate.


We offer a variety of heavy-duty cleaners in powder and liquid forms for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Toll Blending

We perform custom blending for many customers. Whether it is a specific formula made for your application, a joint effort with Accu-Labs, or a formula that you own and want us to blend to your specifications, we can accomplish it.

Metal Strippers

Our solutions strip a variety of metals from aluminum, copper and copper alloys, ferrous alloys, and zinc diecast.

Paint and Epoxy Strippers

Check out our selection of environmentally friendly paint and epoxy strippers.

Silver Plating

Accu-Labs, Inc. offers a wide range of silver plating chemistries to meet your needs.

Tin Plating

Accu-Labs offers tin and tin alloy processes that can produce a matte to bright deposit in barrel, rack, or continuous applications.

Zinc and Zinc Alloys

Accu-Labs provides various electrolytic zinc plating processes. Our processes include acid, cyanide, and alkaline non-cyanide options.

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