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Technical Consulting Services

At Accu-Labs, Inc., a complete follow-through on every job provides you with expert technical consulting assistance in initial design, product development, installation, post installation, and training. We provide a full “START-to-FINISH” service that goes beyond product installation. 

Technical Consulting Service: Initial Design

The first area of technical consulting service that we offer is initial design assistance. During this process, we use input from our research and engineering teams, involving our customers during this procedure as well. Considering everything from the primary use of the chemical being designed to meeting environmental requirements, our team ensures that the product design suits our customers’ needs perfectly.

Technical Consulting Service: Product Development

Once the initial chemical design is complete, Accu-Labs offers product development as another technical consulting service. This service pertains to the logistics of the manufacturing process. Our product development team will work with you to custom engineer chemistry to match your specific application.

Technical Consulting Service: Installation and Post-Installation

Our technical team that consists of plating engineers will help assist in the installation of our specially designed product chemistry. We will assist your staff in the development of analytical and process procedures. We will help train line personnel and support staff on the use of our products allowing for a smooth transition.  

Technical Consulting Service: Training

Accu-Labs provides affordable, customized, on-site training seminars ranging from OSHA compliance safety training to basic electroplating. Training packages range from 1/2-day to 40-hour courses held over several weeks with the course materials written in a way that engineers and line operators can understand the outlined concepts equally. The seminars include training materials, handouts, and a certificate of completion. Learn more about the training programs that we offer here.