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Salt Spray (Fog) Testing

Salt Spray (Fog) Testing Video

Salt Spray (Fog) Testing is typically performed on electroplated, anodized, chemical-coated or painted samples for marine, automotive, and military equipment. At Accu-Labs, our salt spray (fog) testing chambers provide exposure to a salt intensive atmosphere at temperatures of the customer’s choosing. Our methods test the corrosion resistance of products and demonstrate how they will operate in harsh environments.

Testing is performed in accordance with procedures established by ASTM under an ISO 17025 quality program certified by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (Certificate Number 2558.01). Please click here to view our current certificate and scope of accreditation.

Why choose Accu-Labs for Salt Spray (Fog) Testing?

There are countless reasons to trust Accu-Labs’ Salt Spray (Fog) testing process. In addition to maintaining an A2LA Accredited Laboratory (Certificate Number 2558.01), Accu-Labs boasts a highly equipped team of ASTM trained technicians who are also plating experts, ensuring that every test is carried out with meticulous accuracy.

At Accu-Labs, we also begin the Salt Spray (Fog) Testing process immediately upon receipt of parts, so our customers can count on quick and efficient service. If for any reason your parts fail, our metal finishing experts can assist you in troubleshooting to correct your problem. Additionally, we offer Digital Photography and thorough Final Written Reports and Analyses as a part of our Salt Spray (Fog) Testing services.

While Accu-Labs offers many advantages through our salt spray (fog) testing services, it doesn’t have to come at a high cost to our customers. We are proud to offer extremely competitive pricing for our services, maximizing value for our customers whenever possible.

Capabilities and Limits of Our Salt Spray (Fog) Testing:

  • Temperature Range: Ambient to 71° C
  • Humidity: 95% to 100% during high humidity
  • Chamber Size: Up to 31 cu. ft.
  • Chamber Dimensions L36″ x D36″

Popular Salt Spray (Fog) Tests:

  • ASTM B117
  • ASTM B287
  • ASTM B368
  • ANSI/UL299
  • MIL-DTL-5541F
  • GM 4298P
  • GM 4465P
  • GM GMW3059
  • ISO 9227:2006(E) Neutral Salt Spray
  • MIL-DTL-81706, Chemical Conversion Materials for Coating Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys, par. 4.5.1
  • MIL-DTL-5541 Chemical Conversion Coatings on Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys, par. 4.4.1
  • Delphi Specification Delphi DX900158