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Why Choose Accu-Labs, Inc.

Our business partners rely on us to provide quality products in a timely manner while solving manufacturing problems quickly and efficiently. With our world-class resources, Accu-Labs has proven itself as a specialty chemicals provider that is capable of meeting those needs while simultaneously offering competitive prices.

Our Team Sets Accu-Labs Apart

Our technical service personnel are a unique asset in our industry. Our team can provide you with the technical support you require in an ever-changing competitive global market. We have the ability to provide custom solutions to your unique set of challenges.

The Benefits of an Accredited Lab

Accu-Labs will provide support through our nationally accredited ISO 17025 laboratory. Our full functioning laboratory has the ability to do basic wet chemistry, and is also equipped with a variety of instrumentation capable of testing impurities as well as maintaining chemical brightener systems. Accu-Labs has metallurgical capabilities that include taber abrasion, salt spray (environmental chamber) testing, X-ray thickness testing, and a variety of others.

Environmentally Focused

Accu-Labs has a fully equipped environmental laboratory that is capable of performing EPA-approved Standard Methods. Our experienced environmental professionals can assist you in all aspects of regulatory compliance, including the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and RCRA reporting requirements.

Our environmental engineers have the ability to design and build a turnkey, state-of-the-art waste treatment system that will be built to meet your local POTW stringent sanitary standards. Our support staff can provide consultation and support for existing wastewater treatment systems. With our extensive knowledge of the plating chemistry utilized, we can offer the best course of action.

The Reasons to Choose Accu-Labs are Endless!

We meet with your product design team to determine your finishing requirements then implement a finishing strategy that would best accomplish the end product service needs. Our finishing engineers will develop a robust process that will provide ease of use, and maintain a competitive cost structure.

Contact us today to find out more about what Accu-Labs can do for your organization; it is our privilege to serve you!