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Who We Are

About Our Specialty Chemical Supply Business

Accu-Labs, Inc. of Chicago is a worldwide supplier of specialty chemicals to the plating and metal finishing industries. While generating many products using our original formulations, Accu-Labs also manufactures, sells, and services products previously sold under the former Patclin, Iso-Cor (Alcor), RIN, Accurate Engineering Laboratories, and Kobra Products labels. With hundreds of products, custom engineering capabilities, and an exceptionally experienced staff, we can satisfy any of our customers’ needs!

Accredited Laboratory

Accu-Labs, Inc. is proud to be one of the only metal finishing supply companies with an A2LA ISO 170205 analytical laboratory. This enables us to address customer issues immediately with less manufacturing downtime, while our competitors take days longer to get results.

Effective Teamwork

Our professional staff includes chemists, chemical engineers, environmental scientists, and technical service specialists all with an extensive background in the plating and metal finishing industry.

Innovative Chemicals

At Accu-Labs, Inc. we offer an A to Z variety of products—from anodizing chemicals to zinc plating, with all processes in between. Each of our products are continually improved due to our team’s dedication to innovation and forward thinking.

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Our Services

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In addition to our various products, Accu-Labs, Inc. provides several high-quality services, including:

Our Quality

Explore Accu-Labs, Inc.’s Quality:


Accu-Labs, Inc. is committed to consistently meeting or exceeding our client’s requirements and expectations. We provide a quality driven process that adds a greater value to our client’s products, and we are constantly improving our formulas, testing processes, and services to attain outstanding client satisfaction. Among our quality accreditations, Accu-Labs is proud to be ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified.